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Hi!  My name is Laleh, I’m an Integrative Holistic Health Coach, and Certified Life Coach.  As an ex-D1 Athlete, and now actor living in New York City, I have always sought out the best way to fuel my body for optimal performance, brain function, and gut health!

After years of digestive issues, bloating, high cortisol, adrenal fatigue, body dysmorphia, and disordered eating, and more, I knew something needed to change.

So I did the research.  I read and read and read, reached out to mentors, went back to school, and educated myself on how to heal my body, and my life completely changed.

After cleansing my own body, seeing and feeling life changing results, I took back control of my life, and am now committed to helping others do the same.  I truly believe a healthy body is possible for anyone.

What is a Health Coach you ask?  

A health coach is the liaison between you and your doctor.   As a health coach, I’m fluent in all dietary theories, and focus on complete health and wellness transformations.  I provide the important day to day support, education and guidance that no medical doctor can provide.

As a Health Coach, I have the time to delve into your specific dietary changes, and health goals, and answer questions you may have along the way over email and text support.

I am passionate about helping your mind and body feel their  best.  Check out my Coaching page for the current programs offered!

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