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“I began coaching with Laleh to work on some personal blocks that had kept me tied down for way too long.  I was doing all the right things, getting the degrees, climbing the ladder, but there was something inside of me, some block, some limiting belief that was keeping me stuck, censoring my true voice and aspirations.  Through Laleh’s safe, honoring presence, the space was created where I could have the breakthrough I needed.  I will never forget that session with Laleh, the moment when the breakthrough occurred and I gained clarity on what had been holding me back.  It was a moment that has changed the trajectory of my life.  If you are looking for a genuine, safe, supportive coach who is sincerely interested in your well-being, and who will nurture the sacred space needed for real change to occur, Laleh is your girl!”

—Joseph, 41, North Carolina

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