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“When I came to Laleh I was initially looking for an easy fix to make my stomach feel better and to feel less bloated.  What she helped me realize is that I was experiencing extreme burnout and not taking enough time for myself.  Because of her encouragement and genuine support I was able to remove myself from toxic environments, take time for myself, and really listen to what my body needed.  She helped me implement small habits slowly so now they are a daily routine and because she created such an open and loving space I was able to celebrate my victories and see just how far I had come.  She is a WEALTH of knowledge and constantly researching to find the best of the best for her clients.  I felt so safe knowing she knew what she was talking about and also that there was zero judgment or pretense in what I would bring to the table for our sessions.  Today, I know exactly what to listen for with my body.  I’m more clear on my hunger cues, when I’m too stressed, when I need to make more time for myself and have an entirely new list of favorite recipes and grocery items I LOVE.  Laleh truly has a gift, she changed my life, and I am so grateful to have worked with her!”

—Tina, 29, NYC

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