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Tongue Scraping

What’s tongue scraping all about?


Ayurveda considers the tongue, the road map of the entire body.  Overnight, as the body digests everything you ate that day, toxins begin to form and are visible as a coating on the tongue


Gently scraping the residue 5-6 times back to front, first thing in the morning prevents the re-absorption of the toxins that your body worked so hard to expel.  I personally am hooked—my mouth feels as fresh as can be


Keep in mind, while a tongue scraper is an amazing tool, it’s not a cure to bad breath!

The cleaner you eat, the healthier your gut is.  The healthier your gut is, the less bad breath you have—simple as that


When you examine your tongue, it’s an opportunity for self-awareness—if a thick white coating is noted, you are accumulating toxicity.  It’s your body’s way of showing you what is happening in the gut.  I got mine on Amazon for $10!


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