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Vitamin D and B Patches

Vitamin B And D Patches!
Vitamin B And D Patches!
Vitamin B and D Patches!
Vitamin B And D Patches!

Vitamin D is the “happy” vitamin, essential for homeostasis and healthy immune system.

With Living Nutritionals Vitamin D3 Patches, you don’t have to worry about your absorption rate or keeping things under your tongue as with regular oral D3 supplements.  You just put the patch right behind your ear and the D3 goes through your skin, right into your capillaries and releases straight into your bloodstream!

These patches provide:

  • Higher energy levels
  • More focus
  • More Balanced-Feeling Nervous System
  • Sense of Calmness
  • Clarity of Mind

Patches can be worn for 48 hours.

Made in the US.  Free of Gluten, Paraben, GMO, Cruelty, Dairy and Soy!

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