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Balboa’s Chocolate Dipped Frozen Banana’s

Balboa’s Chocolate Dipped Frozen Banana’s

Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugar Free!

Chocolate Dipped Frozen Banana’s have been a Balboa Island staple since 1945!  As an Orange County Gal, I had to honor the 75th anniversary of this frozen treat, with #LalApproved Ingredients!


Cut fresh bananas in half, and insert craft/popsicle stick!

Fill a small plate on the side with Navitas Organics Cacao Nibs (very high in antioxidants!)


a handful of Hu Kitchen Chocolate Gems

1/2 TBSP Coconut Oil

About 2 TBSP of Natural Organic Creamy Peanut Butter


Dip Banana in Chocolate/PB combo, and immediately transfer and cover with Cacao Nibs.  Place on a plate and pop in freezer!

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