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Savory Mushroom Kale Crepe

Savory Crepes


1 1/4 c Garbanzo Bean (Chickpea) Flour

1 1/3 c of Water

A pinch of Salt


4 c Mushrooms, sliced

1 bunch of Kale, cut into small pieces

1 Onion, sliced

1/4 c chopped Parsley


1.  Add Chickpea Flour, Water and Salt to blender, and blend until smooth.  Set aside for 20 minutes

2.  Cook Mushrooms, Kale, Onion, Salt, Pepper and set aside

3. Heat pan under medium heat, and use a bit of olive oil to grease pan (not too much). Scoop 1/3 to 1/3 cup of batter and tilt pan with a circular motion to ensure that the batter coats the surface evenly.  Cook the crepe until the side starts to crisp up.  Loosen with a spatula and flip over to cook the other side

4. Fill the crepe with the kale and mushroom filling.  Add parsley and enjoy!

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