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detox green juice

Detox Green Juice

Food is medicine.  Food isn’t just calories, it’s information. It affects everything. Your hormones, your brain chemistry, your gut microbiome. Every aspect of your health is controlled by what you are eating. Are you upgrading your body or downgrading it…


VEGAN PANNA COTTA For all of you sweet tooth’s out there! Ingredients:  ¾ cup raw Cashews (Soak with warm water at least 2 hrs) ¼ cup Organic Coconut Sugar 1 vanilla bean, seeded or (I used vanilla extract!) 1 teaspoon…

Summer Beets Salad

Summer Beet & Citrus Salad

Summer Salad Season! Cooked Beets, Pickled Onions Slivers of Oranges and Grapefruit, Toasted Pecans and Miyokos Garlic Herb Cheese. Beets are magical in color and in benefit: Fight inflammation Improve digestive health, cognitive function Improve athletic performance and circulation! The…

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